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CBT Training Exeter has several CBT Training locations available throughout Devon and Cornwall, so let us know your location and we can give you dates on when we'll be in your area, or our nearest CBT Training and Test Centre to you.

At Motorcycle Training Exeter, our dedicated team of fully qualified ADI's have an enthusiastic
approach to your CBT Training and Testing day.

Your day will begin with an Introduction not only to your Instructor and CBT Tester but to your equipment and of course your Bike, if you're a repeat CBTer then you'll be familiar with the routine, however the necessary formalities will be gone through in a friendly, relaxed environment. 

If you have your own bike and plan to use it for your CBT Training you will need to bring with you 
- Proof of insurance, 
- Current Tax Disc (must be visible as required by law)
- MOT (your bike, moped or scooter must be fit for road use)

What will I need for my CBT Training and Test?

Good question,

- Both Parts of your licence (both your paper counterpart and your plastic photocard)
If you have an old style paper licence you must provide a valid passport or other suitable forms of official photo id.

Safety and protective Gear. We recommend you have the best safety accessories you can afford. It must meet with current government safety standards, see SHARP to find out what helmet is best for you.

- Helmet - Please ensure that your helmet has no signs of apparent damage, and the fastening strap is in working order and able to be fastened securely.

- Jacket - This is to be a suitable long sleeved Motorbike Jacket, made of sturdy and durable material.

- Trousers - Full length protective Motorcycle Trousers,(waterproof material recommended)  tracksuit bottoms, shorts or lightweight chinos are not suitable.

- Boots - Secure boots that are of a suitable fit and appropriate material, trainers, normal shoes or sandals are unsuitable. ( We cannot supply appropriate footwear so if you turn up in the wrong sort, you risk your CBT training not going ahead). 

- Gloves - Full finger gloves are recommended again of a suitable biking nature. (waterproof if possible)

- Hi-Vis - We will supply all of your appropriate Hi-Visibilty CBT Training Gear.

We have a selection of different sizes and various types of safety gear for you to borrow on the day of your training, however we cannot guarantee your size, if you do not have your own bike gear and we do not have the correct fitting items for you, you risk being refused training. 

We highly recommend you turn up in appropriate foot wear, and clothes, even if it's a hot day a t-shirt, shorts and sandals or trainers are insufficient to offer protection whilst on a bike. You will not be allowed to carry out your CBT Training unless you have the appropriate clothing. By appropriate clothing we mean full length trousers of a good quality material, suitable boots, and a long sleeved coat or Motorcycle jacket. Loose or baggy clothes are not safe therefore not suitable.
What to expect at your CBT Training Exeter Day?

CBT Training or Compulsory Basic Training is a progressive learning day of theory and practical teaching and learning, each element is learnt and put into practice before proceeding onto the next element.

The five elements are:

A. Introduction
B.Practical On Site Training
C. Practical On Site Riding
D. Practical On Road Training
E. Practical On Road Riding

What happens at the end of CBT Training?

Upon successful completion of your CBT Training - Compulsory Basic Training Exeter, you will be issued with an official CBT Certificate referred to as a DL196. Your CBT certificate will state whether you completed your training on a Moped or a Motorcycle or a more then 2 wheeled machine. Your CBT Training certificate of Completion lasts for 2 years, you must pass a full motorcycle theory and practical test within this time, otherwise you will be required to take a further CBT course if you wish to continue riding legally on the road with "L Plates".

For a more detailed description of what to expect from each element of the CBT - Compulsory Basic Training Exeter click here